Saturday, April 3rd 2021 - Monday, August 9th 2021

this is the last one since i won't make any more of them. i will still be making totd's, except very slowly. i don't need to rush, i don't even know why i'm doing so anyway before i discontinued this.

Thursday, April 1st - Friday, April 2nd 2021

this website used to be in light mode. now it's separate.

Wednesday, March 31 2021

i started my first channel in (maybe) 2019. but decided to delete it and make a new one in february 14 of last year.

Tuesday, March 30 2021

i got my first computer when i was 10. it was a laptop.

Monday, March 29 2021

i changed from windows 10 to windows 7 on january 14th.

Sunday, March 28 2021

those things called "advertisement spot"s are not actually advertisement, but it is useful when you need to advertise your own button. for example, look at how mine looks like.

Saturday, March 27 2021

you can request to take one of the advertisement spots by dming me on discord (or ping me in one of the servers you see me in)

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